Hurie Johnson

Track and Field

  • 2008 ranked 12th in the world in 100 meter.  7th overall in the country 12.55
  • 2010 p.r   11.87s  in 100 meter


Len Paddock Invitational

  • 11.97s in 100 at the National Paralympic Championships
  • 4th overall in country
  • 2011 2nd overall ranked in country in long jump 5.53meters
  • 2012 finished 3rd in the preliminary heat of the 100 metersprinto
  • Finished 2nd in the country for the long jump 6.19 meters
  • 2012 ranked 3rd in the World in the long jump 6.37  meters


Wheelchair Basketball

  • 3 MVP tournament trophies
  • 3 best class three trophies
  • 2 time AlloAmerican trophies from the National Championships
  • MVP Denver Branum award
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2.1.2017 Congratulations to John McSween of the Michigan Rolling Pistons, John just signed his letter of intent to attend the University of Illinois and continue his education and further his wheelchair basketball career. John has been part of The Michigan Rolling Pistons wheelchair basketball team for many years, Michigan Rolling Pistons is a co-ed, youth wheelchair basketball team providing opportunities for athletes ages 6-18 with physical disabilities to participate competitively in basketball. The athletes on this team are unable to participate in most local programs or school teams. Adaptive sports programs allow these athletes to experience the same benefits as their able-bodied peers. Our primary purpose is to provide more opportunity for boys and girls with physical disabilities to participate competitively in a sport. Our team motto is “No Limits.” The benefits of youth sports are well known. Through athletics, children gain increased selfconfidence and self-esteem, increased physical fitness and overall wellness. They also learn responsibility, and develop better communication and interpersonal relationships. Our athletes are unable to participate in most local programs or any of their school sports teams. Adaptive sports programs allow for these athletes to experience the same benefits as their able-bodied peers while also getting to meet and learn from others with the same abilities. It can be a difficult road keeping the teams up and running. With general overall health care costs, the additional costs of team sports and special equipment required to play can at times be a financial burden on families. That’s where Athletes Unlimited comes in to help support these teams and keep the programs running and growing throughout Southeast Michigan. Athletes Unlimited is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 by Jeff S. Pierce, DO, dedicated to providing social, recreational and athletic outlets to people with disabilities. Their guiding philosophy that life is not intended to be a spectator sport. Everyone, regardless of ability, can benefit from participating in sports. It continues to be Athletes Unlimited primary goal to provide these opportunities to as many physically challenged individuals as possible. We firmly believe that everyone should know that individuals with disabilities, regardless of their physical limitations, possess the same basic needs and desires as those without disabilities. Together we can strive to eliminate societal barriers that limit an individual’s potential to achieve. Join us in spreading the mission of helping disabled athletes, because life is not meant to be a spectator sport!